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In Nigeria, fuel for trucking rank way ahead of the other major uses either as a source of domestic energy supply for most homes or as the power behind the productive activities in many industrial establishments and corporate enterprises (this is directly traceable to the not so impressive condition of public power supply). The proportion of diesel cost as a percentage of total returns on haulage operations could be as low as 35% and as high as 55%. As at today, Diesel fuel account for more than 40% of total operating cost in haulage business. In this regard we offer a more sure and accurate haulage for our products

Automotive Gasoline Oil (A.G.O)

The density of petroleum diesel is about 0.85 kg/l – about 15–20% higher than the density of gasoline, which has a density of approximately 0.70–0.75 kg/l.  The liquid to test is poured into a tall container, often a graduated cylinder, and the hydrometer is gently lowered into the liquid until it floats freely. The point at which the surface of the liquid touches the stem of the hydrometer correlates to specific gravity. We offer quality product and we always have our equipments. 

Cooking Gas

Our Superior Liquified Gas will boost the switch of families from kerosene and firewood to clean LPG. Our Gas is safe to use, and is available at all our distribution  stations and participating retailers. our Gas is also available for numerous industrial uses.

Deliver to Door

Door-Door Delivery is a quick, flexible and convenient way to order and pay for automotive gas oil (AGO). We offer quality diesel at competitive rates, delivered to your doorstep, within 24-36 hours.


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per Litre
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propane gas (Cooking gas)

N 0 per liter
per kg 440
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